Fair Dates Monday July, 29th through Saturday August, 3rd 2013

The 69th Annual Sumner County Fair

Is Deticated to Roy "Link" Womack

Link Womack

This year's 69TH Annual Fair catalog is dedicated to Roy “Link” Womack who spent most of his life in making the Sumner County Fair a success. He was associated with the Fair for over 45 years, serving as Fair secretary the
majority of those years. Most people awake in the morning thinking of two eggs, sausage, and a hot cup of coffee, not Link, his thoughts were of checking on the Fairgrounds to make sure everything was ok at 222 Fairgrounds Road, then journey on to his job with the Tennessean.

If you were to ask anyone about some of the memories of the past fairs held here in Sumner County, some would say “I remember the mule races when Link Womack would always have some kind of skit or incident. One mule went over the wall and into the crowd one year with a young man by the name of Shane Gaither hanging on for dear life. Link loved people and he loved to share the Fair with people of all ages. He always wore that witty little grin that made you ask “now what is he up to?” He loved to pull pranks on his friends. Especially the mother of that young man that he had placed on the back of that mule.

In November 2013 Link passed away leaving behind a legacy of stories and memories that will live on forever. A special thank you goes out to he and his family, as well as, the Shoulders, McDonald, Mayberry's, Curtis, Reese, Cook, Gaither, Kemp, and Cage families for making the Sumner County Fair a success from 1945 until today. Those are the people that could share stories that would tell of Link’s take charge leadership abilities. Stories of seeing him make sure that less fortunate children had tickets to ride at the carnival. He encouraged the participation of the 4-H club members and made sure they were rewarded for their hard work. He did his part in making sure that the Fairest of the Fair Pageants were very special events for many, many of Sumner County’s young ladies. Horse shows, gathering sponsors, tents, mule shows, horse show arena, floral hall, booths, carnival, he helped put it all together year after year.

Link, we know your spirit will be there with us on June 23rd with the hustle and bustle of the opening of the gates for the 2014 Sumner County Fair.

We’re gonna miss you, buddy!!!!

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